Would you be willing to let your husband/wife, best friend or family member choose your next tattoo for you?

We are looking for 2 sets of 2 people adventurous enough to let someone choose their next tattoo for them. The tattoos will be FREE and tattooed by Propaganda Tattoo Shop Owner, TEER.  

What is a Trust Tattoo?

How much do you trust your friend, relative, or significant other? Do you trust them enough to have them choose your next tattoo? With a Trust tattoo, you will choose each other's tattoo design. But here's the fun part: you don't get to see your design until the tattoo is completed. 




Tattoo Artist/Propaganda Shop Owner

How to Enter:

1.  Submit your entry via email to
2. Include the following in your submission:
  • Your Names
  • Your Ages
  • How you know eachother
  • Include a short video with the two of you on camera explaining why you want the tattoo (can be as easy as a selfie video on your smart phone)

Rules of Entry:

1.  You both must be willing to speak on film and get tattooed on film 
2.  Tattoos must fit under a dollar bill 
3.  You CANNOT discuss your idea 
foreachothers tattoos before hand. We will know if you did :) 
4.  Be willing to have fun with your ideas 


Know someone who would be interested?