Isha has has been tattooing professionally 10 years all over California and was raised with Filipino traditions and a cultural upbringing. She’s a Self taught artist starting at a young age. Fast forward to high school,  Took health and medical prep programs during high school. “I wanted to go to UCLA, but I couldn’t afford the left over cost of it all,” after that She went on to proceed a different path in animation, graphic design and fine art. During this course in her life, she took on the interest in the art of tattooing. After 5 years, she began her professional career as a tattoo artist. Most recently left Palm Springs and now lives in San Diego with a home base at Propaganda Tattoo.. Her preference in art is anime inspired pieces and black work, but she is able to tattoo any style as she had to adapt to the needs of the clientele around her. 
Issa is well versed in many styles of tattoos, including but not limited to: Black and grey Chicano, Black n grey realism, Micro, Dotwork, Color realism, Neo-traditional, Black work, Anime/illustrative, Mandala, Water color, Galaxy scenes..